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Welcome to TravelKlan, a unique blog here for you to explore. TravelKlan has added such value to people's life, and we love having the opportunity to share our passions and thoughts with the  readers. Read on, and enjoy.


I Travel, I Am

The thrill of open road, excitement of exploring the unknown, the happiness of doing what you love to do every day ... WOW! ... that’s the experience for myself (and family) ... on a voyage of exploration and documenting the never ending journey.

Take a peek of what my life was like prior to taking on what may be considered the greatest career ... and the canvas of my life portrayed a different image: good degree, overseas education experience, a professional and successful career in management & information technology consulting, coach ... and at arm’s reach from great friends and family. Though this life seems idyllic, they always had the illusion of exploring the world, and luckily, with great blessing from awesome friends and an awesome company ... and lots of hard work (of course) ... my dream of a travelling career came true.

Does the idea of a travelling career intrigue you, too? Get inspired and take a tour of what life on the road is like!

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